Haze Measuring Principle

In the industry, an integrating sphere haze meter or a photoelectric haze meter is generally used to test the transmittance and haze of transparent or translucent materials. Calculate the total transmittance, diffuse transmittance and Haze.


Seeing the Components of Light and Color with a Spectrophotometer

How to measure Lab with a colorimeter?

An object absorbs part of the light from a source and reflects the rest. This part of the reflected light enters the human eye, and the resulting stimulus to the retina is recognized by the brain as the color of the object. Each object absorbs and reflects light in different regions of the spectrum in varying amounts; this difference in absorptance and reflectance gives different objects different colors.


Printing Industry's Requirements for Measuring Instruments

When controlling and testing colors, color density meters, color difference meters and spectrophotometers will be the main tools for printing color measurement. Although each of these three instruments has a different function, they all use reflected (or transmitted) light to measure color.


Principle of colorimeter