Noncontact Eddy Current Sheet Resistance Meter for Thick and Curved Materials

  • The smallest, simplest, and most affordable high-precision noncontact sheet resistance sensor available
  • Reads any conductive coating—on even the thickest nonconductive substrates
  • Performance limited by "lift off" phenomenon—elevation of sensor above conductive layer must be carefully controlled
  • Noncontact measurement of ohms/square, ohms-cm, resistivity, thickness, and more
  • Choose a sensor in one of four ranges, from .005 ohms/square to 100,000 ohms/square
  • Add additional sensors later to measure additional points or to widen the range
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Options include PC-based productivity software, stage, and more

Reading rate:30 ms
Reading display rate:240 ms (instrument displays the average of eight readings)
Reading drift with temperature:No more than .125% of total resolution per degree Celsius per hour
Gap size:Gap between sensor and material can vary, but it must be carefully controlled
Minimum sample size:3 cm diameter circle
Spatial resolution:3 cm diameter circle
Maximum sample thickness:Accommodates infinite nonconductive substrates
Reach in web:Not applicable